Dramatis Piscis – Tank One


Right. So, Introductions are in order:

Dramatis Piscis

Tank One

Two (un)Common Goldfish – Carassius auratus 

a.k.a Flash and George (looking back on it I wish we’d named him Gordon!)

Three Black Phantom Tetras – Hyphessobrycon megalopterus

Collectively known as the Oscar Peterson Trio

Four Corycats – Corydoras

a.k.a. Cory, Dora, Ess and Pippin. Yes Pippin.

Pippin is the veteran of this little fish community… missing both his eyes but thriving at ten. Flash and George are six years old, each having been rescued from the feeder tank of a large national box store. The ethics of feeder tanks and feeding live little fish to big fish will form the basis of my next post and hopefully stir some thoughtful debate.

Setting that topic aside for now… As you can see this is a relatively small community for what is, after-all, a 46 gallon bow-front fish tank. A spanking brand new 46 gallon bow-front fish tank, very recently established as an upgrade to my former basic rectangular 20 gallon tank.

Why the upgrade? Because as you will hopefully seen in soon to be posted photos … Flash and George are each approaching three inches long (not including George’s gorgeous tail). Not much wiggle or swimming room in a 20 gallon tank. Especially with the added load produced by their companion fish.

So … after careful research regarding the best habitats for goldfish, reckoned to be that which provides more latitude than longitude… but also factoring in available floorspace and financial considerations like: what size and type of filter, heater and other environmental support apparatus fits my budget… a 46 gallon tank proved both a compromise and solution.

Ah, but how to safely relocate the little fellows from their established albeit cramped and algae flecked quarters … or rather, how to actuate an aquatic “a posse ad esse” – from the “possible to the actual?”

We’ll see…



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