Eat Your Greens



I know we haven’t heard from George, Flash and the rest of the gang for a while, said gang being the members of Aquariverse’s freshwater community aquarium…


Flash and George

Flash and George


Well, as a quick preview to an upcoming post about the “How Tos and Why Fors” of aquarium flora…


I thought it might be fun to share our goldfish’s guilty pleasure…

Amazon Sword Plant

Amazon Sword Plant

Anubias barteri

Anubias barteri

Confession: I mostly look at the plants I pop into our aquarium the same way other people give their cat a tin of actual tuna…

This cat just heard she's getting a tin of actual tuna

This cat just heard she’s getting a tin of actual tuna


In other words, I provide them because my goldfish really seem to enjoy grazing on them…






But it’s not all about snacking… Live plants don’t just supplement the omnivorous goldfish meal-plan, they contribute to George and Flash’s general well-being and the health of their environment: providing shelter for the smaller fish that share their tank, helping to cycle oxygen, serving as natural nitrate and nitrite filters, plus..!!

“Plants that absorb nutrients from the water also make it difficult for algae to grow and therefore, indirectly help to clean the tank.”

On the less sunny-side of the planted tank…

Beginners often find it challenging to strike the right light spectrum balance and meet their flora’s nutrient requirements.

So, until next we meet (and enjoy exploring a forest of aqua-flora) … here’s a sweet little plant my goldfish consider a slice of heaven:



“To remember a successful salad is generally to remember a successful dinner; at all events, the perfect dinner necessarily includes the perfect salad.”
George Ellwanger (1848-1906)
‘Pleasures of the Table’ (1902)


By laurassister (photo by unknown) LOL cats

By laurassister (photo by unknown) LOL cats



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