S.O.S. Fish Vet





S.O.S – save our sole, angel fish and critically-ill koi, too!

“Chad (of Vossen Aquatics) brought the above distressed Scribbled Angelfish to Lexington Pet Clinic (Minnesota).  There Veterinarian Dr. Kizer performed  surgery after the X-ray identified a rock lodged in the angelfish’s intestine.  The procedure took approximately an hour in which the fish was out of water and anesthetized.” Read the full story here:


For those of us who don’t live within a stone’s throw of the Lexington Pet Clinic in Eagan, Minnesota…

National pet retailer Petco offers this observation:

“Because most veterinary schools exclude fish from the standard curriculum, doctors specializing in these quiet companions typically seek out training on their own. To find a competent “fish doctor” near you, consult pet stores, aquarium clubs, and veterinary schools with fish medicine departments.”


avma Once you’ve located your “fish doctor” the American Veterinary Medical Association suggests you keep these critical discussion points in mind:


Still can’t locate a fish vet? Try this helpful directory:

“This web resources allows users to search Directories of Aquatic Veterinarians and Disease Diagnostic Laboratories.” http://www.aquavetmed.info/

It is a collaboration project of


Though it can take an extensive Internet search to locate a local fish vet, Dr. A. David Scarfe of the AMVA’s Scientific Division says, “Aquatic Veterinary medicine is probably the largest growing field of veterinary medicine in the past ten years.”

Then again… sometimes those  salt-of-the-earth sollutions are best when there’s no help at hand:

That said, I find following the directions on the side of my cartoon of aquarium salt the surest remedy and quickest route to help:4005214



And in case you were afraid to look,

the story about the little angel has a happy ending…


“The Scribbled Angelfish, all stitched up.”


Felcity –

Anatole France

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”
― Anatole France

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