And Baby Makes 24



Okay, so I have this friend named Heather Moore.

When I proposed posting her recent dilemma she suggested the title: ‘”And baby makes 22, er, no, 23…? Wait there’s another one. 24.”

You see, Heather has  a pair of adult Dalmatian mollies


Male Molly on top

Male Molly on top

Which,  I’m guessing elicits a “Yeah, so?” or, an “Uh oh,” depending upon your familiarity with this abundantly and seemingly inexhaustibly prolific species…

Which requires a little back story I suppose…

Heather is the well-meaning but somewhat lackadaisical (sorry, Heather, but you know it’s true) owner of a 26-gallon freshwater bow-front aquarium so spotted with green algae she won’t let me photograph it for inclusion in this post.

Heather: “Well, you did have that post way back when…”

Felicity: “‘Too Much of A Good Thing Can be Wonderful.’ Posted on Valentine’s Day.”

Heather: “Uh huh, when you asked… ‘What’s the most unaesthetic beneficial thing in your tank?'”

Felicity: “I see where you’re going with this but there’s a difference between ‘unaesthetic’ and, well, this…”




Felicity: “So, besides algae,”

Heather: “And Dalmatian mollies…”

Felicity: “And Dalmatian mollies, your tank is filled with, what?”

Heather: “Three clown loaches…”

Not Heather’s clown loaches

“One overpaid, ‘algae-eating’ pleco…”

Not Heather's Placastomus

Not Heather’s Placastomus


“And four Rasbora…”

Not Heather’s rasbora!


Felicity: “You know the loaches and the pleco can each grow to at least 12-inches long?”

Heather: “Yeah, yeah, I know, there’ll come a point when I’ll have to adopt them out. You know, at maybe? Check this out…”

Felicity: “Hope so, anyway, that’s only ten fish. Who else do you have in there, Heather?”

Heather: *sigh*

Not Heather’s Batch of Dalmatian Molly Fry


Felicity: “Whoa! How’d that happen?”

Heather: “Seriously?”

Felicity: “So… 28 Days Later: ”

Heather: “I didn’t want the babies getting gobbled up, yeah, some fish are like that; so I bought a baby-saver net.”

Penn Plax Net Breeder

Penn Plax Net Breeder


Not Heather's

Not Heather’s baby-saver

Felicity: “Do the fry have any special needs? What do you feed them?”

Heather: “Fry Food.” 


Felicity: “So what are you going to do? I mean, look at him. He’s already pestering her again.”

Heather: “The pet store I bought the parents from said once the fry are about a quarter-inch long they’ll take them.”

“I’ll  probably have to return the male. I don’t want to. He’s gorgeous. But, you know, I don’t want to have to do this every 28 days.”

Felicity: “I’ll bet Mrs. Molly agrees!”

Heather: “Maybe I can trade him for another algae eater!”


Erma Bombeck

“Have you any idea how many children it takes to turn off one light in the kitchen Three. It takes one to say What light and two more to say I didn’t turn it on.”
― Erma Bombeck


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