Thursday. That’s what call I’ll her… him? Who?

My long anticipated nerite snail, of course. Yes, the Aquariverse is set to welcome another member to its fresh-water tank community. And she arrives at a store near me this Thursday!

Thursday’s long anticipated by the way because apparently these popular algae eating snails are hard to keep in stock. Of course I could readily order nerite snails on-line… but, I find I get much better care-tips from my local pet store than the UPS driver.

Good advice aimed at keeping my nifty new nerite on the job and in the tank is provided by this somewhat quirky tutorial. Have patience, like the snail, it’s useful if slow paced.


Now you might be asking yourself if it’s really worth devoting an entire post to a snail, and I admit I wondered that myself… except I really am determined to keep my tank free of excess algae AND chemical algaecides.


Loyal readers will recall Aquariverse covered this subject just a few posts ago… but one tank wall is still sporting a little too much algae and I’m counting on this inveterate little invertebrate to live up to its reputation as a hardy and hearty eater.


Note the above nerite is sans-stripes… that’s because their shells can also be colored solid tan, green, black or white.

Though they are generally  the go-to-snail for marine aquariums, nerite snails are equally at home in fresh and brackish tanks. Indeed, the fact they can only breed in brackish water makes them a great choice for fresh-water enthusiasts who only want a snail (or two) to control the algae – rather than an out of control population…


Here’s a terrific website detailing the down-side of the snail equation… i.e., the Malaysian…


but also some great advice about creating a healthy and balanced algae eating patrol.



By perseverance the snail reached the ark.