“The Pond” Down Under


Aquariverse is delighted to bring you a view of “The Pond,” an original time-lapse film created by Australian writer, photographer and musician Ashley Thomson. A man of many talents, Thomson also composed and performed the accompanying music.

Thomson homesteads an idyllic little corner of the Australian island state of Tasmania where the Tiger Quolls sometimes quarrel


and the Kookaburra “sits in the old gum tree.”



Thomson said he designed and created his back-garden pond (and planted the lush vegetation that surrounds and shelters it) as a retreat for humans and fish alike … having adopted the goldfish that inhabit it after they outgrew their previous owner’s aquarium. 

Note to Northern-Hemisphere blog visitors: if you have trouble viewing this image, try turning your phone, tablet, lop-top whatever upside down.*

Note to all blog visitors: if you also have an aquarium or pond you are particularly proud of, please feel free to contact Aquariverse for possible inclusion in a future post.

Please send contact information via the contact form below.

And remember:

“Don’t worry about the world coming to an end today, it is already tomorrow in Australia.” Charles M. Schulz


*kidding! (about turning your device upside down)

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