Dramatis Piscis


Right. So, Introductions are in order:

Dramatis Piscis

Two (un)Common Goldfish – Carassius auratus 

a.k.a Flash and George (looking back on it I wish we’d named him Gordon!)

Three Black Phantom Tetras – Hyphessobrycon megalopterus

Collectively known as the Oscar Peterson Trio

Four Corycats – Corydoras

a.k.a. Cory, Dora, Ess and Pippin. Yes Pippin.

Pippin is the veteran of this little fish community… missing both his eyes but thriving at ten. Flash and George are six years old, each having been rescued from the feeder tank of a large national box store. The ethics of feeder tanks and feeding live little fish to big fish will form the basis of an upcoming post and hopefully stir some thoughtful debate.

Setting that topic aside for now… As you can see this is a relatively small community for what is, after-all, a 46 gallon bow-front fish tank. A spanking brand new 46 gallon bow-front fish tank, very recently established as an upgrade to my former basic rectangular 20 gallon tank.

Why the upgrade? Because as you will hopefully note in soon to be posted photos … Flash and George are each approaching three inches long (not including George’s gorgeous tail). Not much wiggle or swimming room in a 20 gallon tank. Especially with the added bio-load produced by their companion fish.

So, after careful research regarding the best tank parameters for still growing goldfish (reckoned to be that which provides more latitude than longitude) … but also factoring in practical and financial realities: i.e, available floorspace and cost of necessary hardware (filters and replacement media, heater, food, plants, etc.) a 46 gallon tank proved both a compromise and solution.

Ah, but how to safely relocate the little fellows from their established albeit cramped and algae flecked quarters? In other words, how to actuate an aquatic “a posse ad esse” – from the “possible to the actual?”

We’ll see…



Some Things Fishy


Welcome to Aquariverse.

This blog constitutes and chronicles an  adventure in becoming a better aquarist… and hopefully a better blogger.

As for the aquarium: My goal is to create a more vibrant, naturalistic and healthy habitat for my pet fish who, when all is written and done, rely on the care, commitment and curiosity of a well-meaning but all too fallible human. Regarding the blog: hopefully it won’t be too water-logged, but bear with me.

As for Aquariverse: I will learn to add photos and not just of my fish (as charming as they are) — but also my tank’s (and blog’s) evolution from a pretty conventional, boring set-up to something as aesthetic as it is ecologically balanced. I suspect those twin goals are connected and mutually sustaining. More on that in a future post.

And, as for the future:  Aquariverse will also feature interviews with aquaria experts and enthusiasts, and eventually photos, videos and music clips; all in the service of sharing tips,  joy and amusement.

If you’ve read this far, and of course you have or you wouldn’t be reading this sentence, you may be wondering why I included curiosity among those human attributes pet fish rely on.

Curiosity because that’s what prompts me to wonder and act on: “What’s that?” and “What if?”

“What’s that?” is too often followed by a: “Yikes!” and then a quick google around the many helpful fish remedy and aquarium troubleshooting sites populating the web. I will dedicate a post to listing them … after first inviting readers to send links they’ve also found reliably useful and well-informed.

“What if?” is more proactive than reactive … usually inspired by seeing somebody else’s really gorgeous, lush aquascape or unexpected combination of species. “What if I tried that? Will it work in the community I’ve already established? What if I just buy a third tank?”

“What’s that?” and “What if?” by their nature seek a response, hopefully a conversation. With that in mind, please feel free to share your comments, questions and answers for possible inclusion in this shared adventure.

“a posse ad esse,”


With a quick p.s. to credit where credit is due: The avatar photo first appeared in The Guardian Newspaper on New Year’s Day, 2014. It was taken at Copacabana Beach in Brazil by photographer Yasuyoshi Chiba … AFP/Getty Images.

“Bertie Wooster’s”  quote on the title page:

“We leave at dawn. Or ten-nish anyway.”

From: Sebastian Faulk’s “Jeeves and the Wedding Bells” — an homage to P.G. Wodehouse and a thoroughly delicious read! c. 2013 St. Martin’s Press.